Rebalance-Fitness offers training geared towards self understanding and safe, natural, functional movement.

We will help you achieve your goals
Sport specific
Job specific 
Self confidence
Health benefits
Injury rehabilitation
Increased fitness
Doctor referrals
Ante/Post natal

Training methods are of a varied intensity and specifically geared to your individual fitness levels, abilities and age.

We all have multiple physical skills that we put to use in every day life. Cardiovascular/respiratory, endurance, stamina, strength, power, flexibility, coordination, agility, balance and accuracy. Through training and practice we can improve these skills through constantly varied combinations of exercise and recovery, improving your quality of life and preparing you for your future.

Rebalance-Fitness takes pride in a well educated, unique, holistic approach to fitness.  A combination of hard work, good nutrition, well deserved recovery and therapy will help you achieve any goal.  All clients will receive round the clock support to keep you motivated and maximise your potential.

So take a tour around our website. We are confident that we will reach your goals.  Just fill out a contact form and take the next step, to a new you. 
With us - failure is NOT an option.

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